We first discussed starting a little pop-up wine stall last year while enjoying a crisp glass of RIESLING on a balmy summers evening. We want to promote German organic wine in an unconventional way by collaborating with different shops, galleries and individuals in various locations around London. The RIESLING grape makes for a refreshing, flowery and fruity white wine with hints of mineral aromas and VINE believes it deserves to be in the limelight.
The RHEINGAU is one of the most distinguished wine regions of the world. Moving from east to west, the fairly flat, dimpled landscape evolves into progressively steep slopes.
FAUST wines come from single vineyards. Deep loess and loam soil grows very fruity wines, even in dry years. Different minerals in the soil, embedded in layers of slate and gravel, create site-specific aromas and tastes. Fully organic wine-growing as well as very intensive work in the vineyards results in healthy grapes bursting with flavour.
When it comes to growing different grape varieties, RIESLING, of course dominates but it is classically completed also by WEISSBURGUNDER.
RIESLING wines from FAUST convey the great potential of the taste sensations that this noble vine is famous for. The defining elements are a racy acidity that is involved in various fruit flavours (such as lime, grapefruit, apple, peach, mango) and a distinct minerality.
The WEISSBURGUNDER from FAUST loves the warm locations and deep, strong soil. This dry developed, elegant and fresh wine is the ideal choice for summer evenings.